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Find a certified professional to manage your Adwords / PPC account

  • Hiring a Google Partner to manage your AdWords account can help save you time and maximise your return on investment.
  • When choosing the right professional for your business, consider his or her service levels, AdWords expertise and account management fees.
  • Before entering into an agreement, make sure that you understand how much of your money will be going to Google for the ads served, and how much to your account manager for his or her work.

Google Partners

Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts. To achieve Google Partner status, agencies must earn the Google Partner Badge, which signifies that the company is healthy, has happy customers and demonstrates Google best practices.
If you're new to AdWords, we suggest that you learn more about how AdWords works before hiring a Google Partner. That way, you can define your advertising goals and be ready to discuss them should you decide to work with a Google Partner.

How to find a Google Partner

There are more than 5,000 Google Partners worldwide. To find one that fits your needs, use Google Partner Search, which lets you search for a Partner by name, or based on your location, advertising budget or the type of service that you want help with.
There are many things that you may take into consideration when looking for the right professional to help you manage your account. Below are a few areas to consider when you're making this important decision:
  • Service levels and specialisations
    Different professionals have different areas of expertise, so you should talk to them or look at their profile page to get a better understanding of their service levels and specialisations. Here are some questions to keep in mind:
    • Will they be continually managing and optimising your account, after setting it up for you?
    • Will they be available for questions or visits in person or by email?
    If a Google Partner is setting up a new AdWords account for you, we suggest you also maintain access to your account. Do this by asking your professional to give your email address administrative access to the account.
  • AdWords expertise
    A company might become qualified by having a few individuals who are certified. Check that your specific account manager took the proficiency exams. You want to make sure that the person managing your account has the knowledge that you need.
  • Costs and billing
    Agencies have many effective ways of charging, but make sure you understand how much of your money is going to Google for the ads served, and how much to the agency for their work. You can request copies of Google invoices to see a breakdown of the charges. Here are some additional questions to bear in mind:
    • Ask whether the company is willing to provide transparency into your account.
    • Have a contract that you understand (Google can't interfere in those contracts).
    • Discuss who owns your account if the contract is terminated.

How to determine your costs

The costs for working with a Google Partner are separate from your AdWords account costs. The former depends on the agreement that you and your account manager settle on. Google doesn't officiate over negotiations between clients and managers and isn't responsible for any agreement that you may enter into. AdWords account costs are billed separately and depend on your cost-per-click, daily budget and ad performance. Learn more about the factors that determine your AdWords account costs.
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